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ESQ, the Balance of Self-Bending

It has been proven as the natural law that human being is the creature which was created with all their perfections. By their perfections, human being is able to create any interested thing to enjoy. The progress of technology is caused by the human smartness with their knowledge which is able to coddle everyone to ease any of their work. By the revolution of the world begun from ice age, ancient age, renaissance, modern and globalization era nowadays is able to prove the Word of God that human being is the generation who will lead this world as well. By this revolution, the mindset and the divergence of human being are also revolved. Yeah, some cases of robbing, gambling, looting, violence, mistreatment, violation and many negative things which are done by the human being make their natural tendency is being infected by black spots of dirt.

God has created human being by two spirits that go along with their life and keep progressing in their body. They are angel spirit which is started from the top of hair to the navel, and animal spirit which is started from the navel to the lower feet. This angel spirit represents the human mind. And this is identically with the good deeds and humanism. While the animal spirit represents the human desire and it's identically with their bad deeds and behavior.

Everyone who use their animal spirit will be inclining to follow their desire side, by with no considering the good and the bad things they do. This is what majority human being do that finally they should be astray and falling into the darkness life.

While those who use their angel spirit will be inclining to think the impact side what would be happened before doing some actions.

In that two spirits, there also three components created which is able to give human being balance in doing their actions. Ari Ginanjar Agustian collected those three components called ESQ (Emotional Spiritual Quotient). This name is also included his best seller book, and those three components are IQ, EQ and SQ. IQ is the human prosperity in analyzing, observing and thinking. If someone has a high IQ, he is included to the super genius person type. By this IQ, human being is also able to be called as the second "creator" after God.

It can't be denied anymore that human being live in his world as the social creatures. In this context, this means that human being won't be living by their own selves. Every people needs another and they need one another in their life. The one who feels that he doesn't need someone, so sometimes later he will bereave any people he love, and his life will be jailed in solitude. That's why, here is the role of EQ need. EQ is the human prosperity in interacting and socializing with another. If someone has a high EQ, he will be able to make everyone around him happy and endure staying with him. This type of person will be favored by all people although his IQ is lower end than others. But, the EQ is as the important exchange role for human so as that he will be able to socialize well.

It's not slipped away from IQ and EQ, the spiritual need of human should be fulfilled too. This is the thing called SQ. SQ will make human more calm in doing their actions. Actually, the God role is also very important in our life. The one who unbelief in God, sometimes, he must call "GOD" when he is in the dangerous situation.

So, by all the statements above, this is finally we can conclude that ESQ is able to make balance of our selves so as to be better individual. IQ is the thing to guide someone to think before actions, EQ is the role to socialize well, and SQ is as the shield to calm spirit and heart of human down. Therefore, ESQ is the balance of self-bending of human being.

By : M. Fakri Islami Arif, C.Ht., M.Pd.

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